My Purpose is to help you have a peace of mind that you are choosing the Medicare Health Plan that is right for you. 

My reasons for becoming an insurance professional are deeply personal. I understand the importance of needing the right coverage when medical events happen.  I have always enjoyed helping and educating people as I did so in the years I was a social worker. Now I use some of those same skills in the insurance business. 

Client Centered

A Medicare Health Plan is a great place to start but Medicare Health Plans can still leave you with gaps in coverage. I would love to sit down and go over your situation and how we can help fill those gaps along with make sure you have a Medicare Health Plan that is right for you. 

Emmele Nicholas

Licensed Insurance Broker that Specializes in Medicare

(719) 722-9220

I was previously in the profession of Mental Health and Social Work but after 13 years it was time to move on to a more positive environment in helping people. I like the idea of helping people with their insurance needs because you...

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Client Centered

Client Centered

Whether you are looking for answers on how to fill the gaps of your Medicare Health Insurance, or just need to figure out the maze of Medicare itself and figure out what plan is right for you I am here to help. 

 I can help you address your needs of today and for many years to come. I look forward to working with you.

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